Amanda Gerrie

With over eight years of experience in the field of employment services, Amanda Gerrie launched Pathways Career Consulting in 2003, with the goal of helping people find fulfilling, balanced, and joyful careers. After assisting hundreds of people through employment programs in the non-profit and government arenas, Amanda decided that finding a career was more than matching a person to a job.

As a Certified Life Purpose Coach and Career Development Facilitator, Amanda believes people deserve to “follow their bliss” through work that nurtures them, adds meaning to their lives, and value to their community.

Amanda holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Change. She lives in Oakland and enjoys hiking, spending time with friends and family, and loves her work!

Do you meet in person or on the phone?

Since COVID, I’ve shuttered my office in downtown Oakland and only offer virtual appointments over Zoom. I’ve adapted my techniques to the virtual space, doing collaborative visual brainstorming on JamBoard or a whiteboard, online inventories, organizers, and charting. I meet with people who live all over the world on Zoom.

What are your rates?

I have a sliding scale between $95-$125  and you get to pick the price that works best for you!

How does coaching work?

Coaching is different from therapy. It’s action oriented with a focus on the present and the future. My usual kick-off meeting is when I get to know you and set some goals and get a history of your career and education. From there we chart a course of action. I give homework assignments as part of each session. I don’t have a one size fits all approach. I try to be agile and responsive to each person’s unique needs.

Are you a life coach?

No, I really focus on your goals as they relate to your career and professional development.

How often do you meet with people?

I have found that I meet about 6 sessions with people who are seeking to change their career and need assistance with career exploration.
People who need assistance with job search strategy need few sessions in general; about 4 sessions.

What's your cancellation policy?

I ask that people give me 24 hours or more notice if they need to cancel an appointment. I have an $60 cancellation fee for people who fail to cancel in that that period of time or don’t attend a session.

What are your hours?

I see people throughout the week, Monday thru Friday typically 10-5pm. I have a few 5pm appointments available. 

Client Feedback

I’ve been wanting to make a career change for a longtime!!! I happen to have a lot of interests and Amanda has REALLY guided and helped me focus and narrow my interests. Amanda is realistic and takes into consideration one’s parameters when working with you. I am a full-time working single mom and making time for a career change is a challenge in itself. Amanda has been totally patient and non-judgmental with me, through this process—and very caring. She is honest and real with you. Amanda knows her stuff, I have been impressed with her in each of our sessions–she is sharp, intuitive, and perceptive. I am still in the process of trying to make the change and not done working with Amanda to make my career change. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to reexamine or change careers.


San Francisco, CA

I found Amanda through Yelp and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my career so far.

Talking with her about getting out of my past environment/ role and into something that suited me helped me focus on what I wanted and what would be good for me. There were many paths of what I could do to get out of where I was at, including going back to school, but in the end I ended up at a new company that is everything I was looking for ( and I finally knew what I was looking for because of our conversations! )

I highly recommend Amanda for any of your “omg, I’m not happy with my career but I don’t know what to do now” moments. Or better yet, not allowing yourself to get to that moment by talking to her while you are still in High School or early College and letting her guide you to your true dreams and passions for your career.


Oakland, CA

Amanda excels at being a job coach and advisor. The first time I saw her I walked into her office with some trepidation that quickly fell away due to her down-to-earthness and approachability. She rapidly allowed me to open up and to reveal my confusion about next career steps.

Amanda gave me homework every time I came to see her, which turned out to be illuminating and helpful. Not only did she help me to see my inner “work self,” but she liberally and constantly provided resources, networking events, and specific employers to apply to or at least consider.

I can’t recommend Amanda more highly as she is keenly aware of the job market, and skilled at “peeling the onion” to reveal what it is that I had been subconsciously wanting for my professional life.


Ventura, CA