Welcome to Pathways Career Consulting

Do you want to create work that you love, supports you and your family, feeds your soul, and brings you joy? Pathways Career Consulting serves as your partner in your career transition and  job search. Pathways Career Consulting helps you gain a clearer understanding of your unique gifts, passions, values helps you discover what your true calling is. At Pathways Career Consulting, it’s not just about your career. It’s about bringing happiness and meaning to your daily work and life by utilizing all of your talents. Discover your true pathway. Pathways works with people who:

– View work as a creative process regardless of their field
– Want to make a difference in their work
– Desire to move forward to find balance, creativity, and greater meaning in their work
– Know there is something more out there and want to find it

A Few Testimonials…

Over the last few years, I have wanted to leave my job. But I have only had one career as an adult, and I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else. I was pleasantly surprised when after two sessions with Amanda, I felt like I had many different options.  She understands the job market so well. She has allowed me to think about leaving a secure job without fear by painting a picture of a brighter future.


Berkeley, CA

All my life I have allowed my fears and anxieties to dictate my life decisions. Through my sessions with Amanda – not only did I clarify my career goals – I was able to clarify my life goals. She has been an amazing help to me. She is a wonderful listener and an encouraging voice.


San Francisco, CA

Amanda has been instrumental in helping me to find the courage to make some much needed changes professionally. I couldn’t ask for a better coaching experience. She is personable, focused, and has amazing intuition. My journey is just beginning at this point (Amanda quickly helped me to realize there was no “quick fix” in my situation), but I am now confident that I am moving in the right direction.


San Jose, CA

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