Career Consulting Services

Career Changers

Career Exploration

In order to clarify what you really want in a career, you need to clarify your key passions, values, skills, and goals. Using a combination of interviewing, brainstorming, games, art, and journaling, Pathways helps you gain the clarity to know what you want from your next career move. Clients are usually able to complete these activities by meeting for six sessions.

FEES: Individual session $95-$125 per hour (sliding scale)

Reality Testing

Once you are clear about your career direction, Pathways will help you zero in on your viable options through researching realistic labor market trends and engaging informational interviews with professionals in your field. The reality testing phase is where you can decide on your career direction. Clients carry out this exploration and decide on a career objective in three to five sessions.

FEES: Individual session $95-$125 per hour (sliding scale)

Job Seekers

Job Search Strategy

Pathways offers face to face and telephone one hour sessions. Pathways helps you develop a clear job search strategy to give you a competitive advantage in your field. We will work on identifiying your skills and match these skills to the labor market demands. We’ll discuss creative and effective ways to tap into the “hidden job market” & devise a networking plan that is comfortable to you. When you receive that job offer you’ve been waiting for, Pathways will coach you through the negotiation process to help you receive the most competitive compensation package.

FEES: $95-$125 per hour (sliding scale)

Resume + LinkedIn

Pathways can help you to increase the rate of employer responses to your resume and LinkedIn profile. We will work together to choose the format and language to market the best YOU possible to employers. Both resume consultation and full resume writing services are available. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your key marketing tools. Make them work for you!

FEES: $100 hourly 

Interview Preparation

Successful interviewing is about story telling-the story of YOU. In one session Pathways Career Consulting will help you to paint a picture of who you are and help you perfect your interviewing skills through practicing your answers in a supportive environment. Receive the feedback you need to ace the interview!

FEES: $95-$125 per hour (sliding scale)

Social Entrepreneurs

Small Business or Non-Profit Start-Up

Are you interested in starting a small business but don’t know where to start? Pathways Consultants will help you clarify your business model and craft a marketing plan. Pathways Career Consulting works with artists, body workers, social enterprise and  non-profit founders, personal and professional service providers. We are interested in helping to start innovative businesses and organizations with a social mission.